December Moods

The end of the year is a tumultuous (and happy) time. Everyone is rushing, buying gifts, shifting from place to place and coast to coast. Everyone's excited. Everyone's preparing for something. At the same time, everyone is encountered with a huge wall of emotions. Visiting family can be difficult, because we can't help but compare the present to the past and sometimes waves of change wash everything away - so how do you deal with fitting in past traditions to present situations? 

It can be hard. 

For me, I find that from December 1st to January 1st, my life is just a rollercoaster of emotions. My favorite time of year is the last two weeks of December that I get to spend with my family, but it's always bittersweet. You notice who isn't with us, you notice what traditions are set aside, you notice how fragile life can be, an you try your best to live right now in this. very. second. before it all goes away.

To force myself to slow down, I'm doing a daily painting to capture a mood as it passes by. Maybe this sounds insane, but the reason I love abstract art is because I can take these intangible emotions, express them in some way on paper, and make them tangible.  With art, I can now hold happiness/jealousy/grief/joy in my hands, and this helps me to make sense of them. 

My goal this month is to make a series of paintings that (to me) represent a particular emotion / mood. I want to have a better handle on the bad ones, and celebrate the good ones. I want to be able to hold greif in my hands, and appreciate where it comes from (love), and not feel so terrible and lost when that feeling comes around. I want to put joy up on the wall and stare at it every day and smile. 

Hopefully I can complete a painting every day, and hopefully you'll follow along! I'll be tagging each one on instagram with #WHmoods as I go.