Reading List

As I navigate my 20's, I find myself pulled towards female authors & feminist literature. It's empowering and cathartic to read their struggles and triumphs - I find myself devouring books in a single day because I relate so much to their stories. Here are some of my favorites at the moment (please do recommend more!):

1. Lenny Letter

A feminist newsletter Founded by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. You'll find interviews with powerful women like Gloria Steinem & Hilary Clinton, stories from women of all walks of life, discussions of politics, style tips (like this fantastic guide to loafers), and much needed health information in their "Rumors I Heard About My Body" column. 

2. Roxane Gay - Bad Feminist

Roxane Gay walks us through her experience as a woman in a collection of essays that span politics, feminism, and criticism of pop culture & today's society. I particularly enjoyed her stance on the likability of characters in literature and that you can be flawed and contradict yourself, and still be a feminist. 

This book is the most unusual, brutally honest, beautiful book I have ever read. It starts in one place and ends somewhere completely unexpected. Miranda July has a way of perfectly capturing lonely moments we all have with ourselves. She takes ordinary everyday things and presents them as works of art in an almost defiant way. I think this review sums it up:

“Miranda July's ability to pervert norms while embracing what makes us normal is astounding. Writing in the first person with the frank, odd lilt of an utterly truthful character, she will make you laugh, cringe and recognize yourself in a woman you never planned to be. By the time July tackles motherhood, the book has become a bible. Never has a novel spoken so deeply to my sexuality, my spirituality, my secret self. I know I am not alone.” (Lena Dunham, author of Not That Kind of Girl)

This book spans topics of sexuality, motherhood, and humanity. At times it was hilarious, sometimes uncomfortable, but the ending left me sobbing with joy. 


4. Alida Nugent - You Dont Have To Like Me

 Alida takes you through her winding road to feminism and the pitfalls & triumphs of her 20s. She writes about her struggle with female competition, the terror of being a woman and walking home in the dark, the challenges of declaring yourself a feminist at a party, her eating disorder and self acceptance. I wish I could go back in time and give this book to my 15 year old self, because reading this book is like reading pages from my diary. Go read it, it's hilarious and uplifting.