February: Favorite DIYs

With over 6 feet of snow piled on Boston since the end of January, I've been making the best of all of this time spent indoors by looking for my next creative project. I'm dying for some color and these are a few of my favorite  DIY's from some of my favorite bloggers: 

#1: Golden Moon by ABeautifulMess

If I wasn't in a rental, I would be all over this project! I love to paint murals and this golden moon from A Beautiful Mess is mesmerizing. Check it out! 

#2: DIY Woven Wall Hanging from HonestlyWTF

Weaving is a fantastic hobby - it's so relaxing and it doesn't hurt that when you're done you've made something that looks fantastic. This tutorial is thorough but very easy to follow, and the color choices & different fiber textures are the bomb dot com. 

#3: DIY Coffee Filter Garland by 31BITS

This garland looks super easy and inexpensive to make, but the results are gorgeous. I especially love how each filter is a slightly different shade due to the dying process, and they give great texture to your walls! 

What are some of your favorite projects? Have you tried any new and exciting DIYs this month?