Dealing With Anxiety

Most people that have met me in person probably could figure out that I have the kind of anxiety that follows me around like a shadow. Left to its own devices, my anxiety has caused some serious problems for me in the past, but over the years I've found healthy ways to manage it. 

The goal of this post is to share a few little things I have around the apartment or in my bag that can help me regroup when I need it.

1. Tea

I usually have a pitcher of iced tea in my fridge at all times (hot tea gives me a headache). I love green tea, it's so refreshing and calming - sometimes I mix in some frozen raspberries or mangoes. If I'm not feeling like green tea, I'll have some vanilla chai or passion tea. Vanilla Chai is a nice blend of cinnamon & spices, and it's perfect before bed. Passion tea is a fruity floral tea with hibiscus, rose hips, and licorice - it sounds like an odd blend, but it's delicious, and the light rose flavor is quite relaxing. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, and a cup of tea can help calm my nerves.


2. Portable Zen

These three products below are things I never leave home without. The Origins Sensory Therapy is a tiny jar of minty black magic. I rub it on my temples and wrists and it just delivers this calming herbal, minty, goodness. It really helps with migraines and if I'm freaking out in a crowd. 

Grapefruit is known to be a soothing scent, and I keep this rollerball of perfume by Fresh in my bag at all times. It's a light, crisp, fruity scent that isn't sweet at all - it smells like pure clean grapefruit. I think it really helps me regroup and refresh my brain a little bit. 

Rose is also known to have mental health benefits. This soothing rosewater face mist by Glossier is one of my faves (most rose water is the same, whatever the brand is, but I love Glossier packaging, and it comes with free emoji stickers!). In the winter months, this hangs out in my bathroom and I use it before bed as a deep breath of calm. In the spring & summer, I keep it in my bag to spritz my face when I'm feeling hot and gross (and usually overwhelmed). It's a light enough spritz that you won't look soaked if you use it in public- so no need to worry about looking like a lunatic with mascara running down your face :) 

3. Exercise 

Yah, yah, everyone says to exercise, right? I'm probably the least coordinated, least athletic person on the planet - and I have to admit - exercising does help. I find that anxiety feels like a horrible adrenaline rush, and if I do something physical, that energy is put to use. Even just a walk around the block can help immensely. 

 Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting cats -  you're welcome . 

Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting cats - you're welcome

Hope this helps! Do you have any little routines that help you deal with anxiety?