Shop Revamp!

Hey everyone! I recently changed up the products offered in my shop, I feel like I want to pursue my abstract work more because it's just what really makes me happy. However, I've gotten a few emails & comments on Instagram asking me about my illustrations - my watercolor pineapples, the watermelons, the flamingo - where has it all gone?!

 Well they haven't disappeared forever, they're all available as prints (and cases & stationery cards) in my society6 shop. So, if you're looking for fruity fun stuff, go check that out! 

In the meantime, I want to keep my etsy shop reserved for my paintings. I've got a little routine going - I'll experiment with new ideas during the week, select the cream of the crop at the end of the week, and have a flash sale on Saturday where I offer these paintings for a discount for a few hours before they're moved to the etsy shop at full price. This keeps my work fresh, keeps me thinking & working & moving forward.