Makers To Know: Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall is an artist from the UK who creates delicate, intricate illustrations and patterns. I love how her lines are loose yet detailed at the same time, because that gives her work a lot of character. Read on to find out all about her and her shop! 

Being a small business owner myself, I love to hear the origin stories of other makers. When and how did you decide to start your own business? What is your creative background? 

I studied art and design all throughout school, and naturally progressed onto an art and design foundation course, which then led to a graphic design and illustration degree, I knew I loved being creative, but I think I only really realised that I wanted to own my own business when I heard about an enterprise scheme through my university, which right towards the end of my course, which I was successful in applying for, and thats how it began! 

How did you decide to focus on your medium & style?

That is also something that has happened naturally, I love simple line work and creating loose drawings which are fun. Always being interested in textiles and fashion has meant I have a mix of pattern design, hand embroidery as well as line work running throughout my work, applying these to prints, stationery items and fabric wares is something which I have developed and hope to continue developing.

Have you set any exciting goals for yourself or your business for 2015? What can we look forward to seeing from you! 

Setting goals is really important and helps keep me focused. I have set a few goals for this year, I aim to create more products from my illustrations and patterns, adding new products to my shops as much as possible and expanding my range - some are on order now and I can’t wait to share them with everyone! As well as launching a whole new collection of products later in the year, I will be selling these at markets as well as online. Getting my products in shops and boutiques is important and I am hoping to add a few more lovely stockists to my list by the end of 2015! 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their own self-made business? 

Make sure you have short term and long term plans, be clear on what your goals are and how you want your business to be seen by customers as well as stockists. And make sure you have fun with what you are drawing/making because it will show in your products! It takes a long time to get small businesses off the ground so don’t give up!

When you're not creating, what do you love to do?

I’ve grown up and still live on a canal boat, so I love being outside and being in the countryside. I love walking, seeing my friends and family. 

Lastly, can you share three of your favorite artists?

That’s really hard I have loads! I really love Leah Goren’s studies of people, Babara Wurszts use of colour. I love the work of Nelly & Mary - who create home textiles and accessories. I’m really inspired by a lot of ceramic artists as well at the moment, the list could go on forever! 






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