Makers To Know: Knotty Bloom

Nalani Gloor is the macrame artist behind the shop Knotty Bloom. Her pieces are intricate yet calming at the same time, and she makes each one with great care and intention. Read on to find out all about her story! 

Being a small business owner myself, I love to hear the origin stories of other makers. When and how did you decide to start your own business? What is your creative background? 

I moved to New Zealand at the beginning of the year and found myself needing a creative outlet to make myself feel more at home in my new surroundings. My mom had recently re-taught me how to macramé during a visit with my family in northern Australia and I immediately found it very therapeutic and addictive. After making a few macramé plant hangers for family and friends, I decided to try set up a small side business to see where it might lead. However, my creative background is a bit of a melting pot, filled with various mediums that I've attempted. These creative experiments and ventures have always been on the sidelines and never really reached a centre point in my daily life. That being said, I attained a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Design and I'm hoping to one day shape that career path into my ideal creative outlet.

How did you decide to focus on your medium & style?

I didn't necessarily choose macramé as my medium, instead it happened to find me at the perfect moment in my life. At first it was more of a reflective escape while settling into a new country and lifestyle. Its meditative and calming qualities had me hooked instantly and since then it has become part of my weekly routine. The more I practice, the more I want to grow, learn and improve my technique.

Have you set any exciting goals for yourself or your business for the future? What can we look forward to seeing from you! 

Since my business is still in its early stages, I find myself dreaming of so many different goals. But for now I'd like to focus on a few concise macramé collections, that include some larger wall hangings and various other macramé items that I've been designing. I've also got a few collaborations and exciting opportunities coming up, with some talented and inspiring artists. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their own self-made business? 

My advice would be to simply start. Perfection can lead to hesitation and doubts, this will get you nowhere. View your business as a constant work-in-progress. There's no better way to learn how to grow, improve and refine your business than by trying it on for size and making alterations and improvements where necessary. Another piece of advice would be to network and connect with other makers who are genuine in their encouragement and support, these relationships will be sure to create a exciting and uplifting environment that you'll be happy to be part of.

When you're not creating, what do you love to do?

I love to travel and explore, whether it be in my own backyard or to some faraway exotic country. You can also find me tending to my plants, reading, hiking, swimming, chasing waterfalls, biking, practicing yoga, stalking cats, spending time with family and friends and attempting to make various things with my hands.

Lastly, can you share three of your favorite artists? 

Recently I have discovered so many amazing artists and makers that it's very hard to choose only three. Instead I will share some of my favourite macramé artists, their talent has been a constant source of inspiration for me since I started this small side business. 

Initially, I started following the work of Ana Morais at Casulo and Amy Mullins at EdenEve Macramé, both of these women are incredibly talented and produce truly stunning work. Once I started sharing my work on Instagram, I connected with Kate Gordes at Scout Gathers. I was instantly drawn to Kate's unique style and presentation of her macramé plant hangers. I also have to mention Grace Gulley at Lark and Arrow, not only is her work beautiful and inspiring but she has been a constant support during this creative venture. 

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