Makers To Know: Urban Oreganics

I've been admiring Urban Oreganics from afar for quite a few months, and I'm thrilled to share the story behind the brand today! Emily Silverstein is not only a great mom, she's also devoted to creating organic vegan home & body products. Read on to find out all about her & her shop! 

Everyone takes a different path to starting their own business. How did Urban Oreganics begin? 

The idea began when I became pregnant with our first child in January 2013, but I didn’t get it rolled out until he was a few months old (December 2013). With a little life growing inside of me, I really started to look into the toxins I was putting on my skin, and I vowed to make a change. Since I was already making these products for myself and our household anyway, I figured I might as well try to sell them and see if I could be home more with our new baby while doing it. And so my shop launched! It had a slow, organic start (which was very fortunate for me as a new mama), but picked up a lot after a few months.

Can you explain the philosophy behind your brand? What inspired you to focus on small batch, handmade organic bath & body products?

I owe it all to my son (who is now two years old). He really forced me to think about what I was putting on my body, because it was all getting into his bloodstream too! Plus, I love artisan products that have a personal feel to them, I love being part of the handmade community.

Where do you hope to see your products in the next few years? Do you have any big goals for Urban Oreganics?

It’s already gone further than I ever could have imagined. I’ve been hiring employees, fulfilling major wholesale orders, being interviewed for magazines and blogs. It’s pretty surreal. I’m happy with the current status of it, and would be happy if it got bigger too. I’m just going with the flow at this point. 

What was one of the biggest challenges that you faced as you started your own business? How did you overcome that?

Having a three month old baby at home was by far the biggest challenge. As a mom, you go through the constant self-guilt no matter what. But it was a struggle to make sure my son remained my priority, but also giving enough of myself to my business and customers. I don’t suggest starting a business as a brand new mom - but, I’m still here! So I guess it worked out.

When you’re not working on your shop, what are you up to?

I do some part time social media work for a local diaper company, gDiapers. Between caring for my son/taking care of the household, running Urban Oreganics, and my 5-10 hours a week with gDiapers, that about sums up my days. 

Can you share three of your favorite handmade shops?

Marley’s Monsters (eco-friendly mama and baby products)
JES Design Studio (handcrafted jewelry)
Jeanette Zeis (kitchenware/pottery)

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